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Development Fund Program

Technology is advancing faster than ever before, software development is going faster, innovation is driven to go with a faster speed. To help with fastsecure with machine identity management, Venafi established a $12.5 million Development Fund to bring to life new integrated solutions for DevOps, cloud native, microservices, IoT and beyond.

Under the management of Venafi Ecosystem, we seek for innovation that identifies and develops new design patterns, finds new ways of solving problems, and builds new business models.

Submit your idea by filling out this DevFund Application


In addition to traditional parnter Developers, we extend our offer to the following types of Developers.

Venafi IndieDevs

Individual developers make a unique contribution to the open-source community and will provide Venafi customers with cutting edge solutions in the machine identity management space. An indieDev can belong to an organization with the exception of Venafi competitors, but the contract is between Venafi and the individual.

Venafi UniversityDevs

Venafi is expanding the network of innovation to top universities in the world. Oxford University and Carnegie Mellon University are now investigating machine identity management innovations and creating new open-source solutions.



  1. Venafi does not dictate the speed of your progress 
  2. We do not impose on any timeline for the completion of each milestone or the project 
  3. We care about the results, the outcome, not your day-to-day process 
  4. Developer takes the initiative informing Ecosystem team when you are ready to deliver and we will set up meetings to evaluate
  5. We approve the deliverables for each milestone when they meet production quality that is normally expected for an enterprise solution
  6. We provide feedback per request
  7. Developer owns the intellectural property rights
  8. We invoice if the deliverables meet the above stated standard AND the Venafi team explicitly approves the quality of the deliverables, per the SOE agreement

Innovative solutions

Venafi Ecosystem has successfully sponsored a diverse group of Developers who built innovations that are listed on Venafi Marketplace.